Business Accelerator Programme (BAP)

  • To assist SMEs in strengthening their core business, building capacity and capability, and facilitating access to financing.
Financing type
Financing rate
  • 4% per annum
Financing tenure
  • Working capital – Up to 7 years including grace period
  • Purchase of asset – Up to 10 years including grace period
Financing amount (max)
  • Up to RM1 million
Purpose of Financing
Working Capital
Eligibility criteria
  • Applicant must be in the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) category.
  • Companies/Businesses with qualifying rating of SCORE 2 or higher.
  • Company must be at least 60% owned by a Malaysian during the period of financing.
  • Full time business operator.
  • Companies/Businesses with at least 6 months in operation.
Application procedure
  • Applicants can submit complete financing application directly to SME Bank through their branch networks nationwide. For further enquiries & free consultation or details on BAP programme, please contact the Bank’s Customer Service Centre at 03 2603 7700 or visit