Business Accelerator Programme (BAP)


BAP is a collaborative effort program with SME Corp. Malaysia with the objective of providing financial assistance to SMEs. It is to assist SMEs in strengthening their core business, building capacity and capability, and facilitating access to financing


To strengthen companies or businesses by upgrading facilities, building, capacity and capability

Financing type
Financing rate

4% per annum

Financing tenure
  • Working capital – Up to 7 years including grace period
  • Fixed asset – Up to 10 years including grace period
Financing amount (max)

RM1 million

Purpose of Financing
Working Capital
Eligibility criteria
  • Within the national definition of SME as defined by Bank Negara Malaysia
  • The Companies / Businesses with qualifying rating of SCORE 2 and higher
  • Applicant is a Malaysian citizen with a minimum of 60% equity ownership
  • Full time business operators
  • Companies / Businesses with at least 6 months of operation
  • The company is solvent
  • 3 year latest audited account
  • For sole proprietor / partnership, the latest management account is acceptable
Application procedure

Applicants can submit complete financing application directly to SME Bank through their branch networks nationwide. For further enquiries & free consultation or details on BAP program, please contact Customer Service Centre via the toll free number 1 800 88 3131 or visit

For further information

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