Our Role

To make Malaysia the leading OGSE hub in Asia Pacific

Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC) was established to develop the oil and gas services and equipment (OGSE) industry in Malaysia and leverage on its strategic geographical location to transform the country into a thriving regional hub for the industry.

Formed in April 2011 as an agency reporting to the Prime Minister’s Department, MPRC was mandated to make Malaysia the #1 Asia Pacific OGSE hub. To achieve this goal, MPRC continues to attract international players and grow regional champions amongst local players by connecting Malaysia to the world and facilitating a stronger ecosystem for the industry.

As the country's OGSE development agency, MPRC provides policy recommendations for the sector and helps to promote, catalyse and globalise local OGSE capabilities in the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments.

MPRC also facilitates partnerships and joint ventures between local companies with global MNCs, research institutions and academia in order to encourage greater involvement in research and development activities, technology transfer as well as talent training and development.

MPRC Mission Statement

  • To create a dynamic and progressive oil & gas services and equipment industry in Malaysia where companies can compete and grow
  • To promote more vitality in the oil & gas industry via joint ventures, collaboration, strategic partnerships and alliances
  • To encourage close cooperation among industry, government and society so that the oil & gas industry in Malaysia anchors the future prosperity of the country