Human Capital Development

Industry Centre of Excellence (ICoE)

The growth of Malaysian oil and gas sector is estimated to be at 5% annual growth from 2010 to 2020. In addition, the ETP has identified 12 Entry Point Projects (EPPs), as well as business opportunities within the sector and these EPPs are expected to create additional 52,300 jobs within the sector. A significant proportion of these jobs will be highly-skilled, with an estimation of 21,000 (40%) for qualified professional, e.g. engineers and geologists.

On a global scale, Energy Outlook reports from major oil companies and EIA predict that global primary energy consumption will increase by approximately 30% before 2030. This increasing demand for energy will mean staffing requirements will become increasingly important.

With the outlook of human capital demand to meet domestic requirement and the current shortage of skilled oil and gas talents in the global market, it is becoming an increasing priority to build ample talent pipeline and accelerate the learning of the younger workforce into the industry.

Talent Development As Near Term Focus

Near Term

  1. Generate sufficient quality talents to support oil and gas industry value-chain
    • Facilitating linkages between industry players and universities
    • Identifying professional traits required and programs that meet industry needs
  2. Facilitate industry to access relevant programs, such as training and accreditation to support industry growth

Long Term

  • Encourage research and technology transfer between industry players and / or industry-university