About MPRC

Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC) was formed in April 2011 and started its operation in July 2011. As an agency reporting to Prime Minister’s Department, MPRC’s role is to promote, catalyse and transform the oil and gas services sector to become stronger entities in the industry. The objective is to position Malaysia to be the number one oil and gas hub in the Asia Pacific region.

To achieve that goal, MPRC has a broad mandate. One is to recommend appropriate policies relating to the oil and gas sector by reviewing existing business regulations and tax incentives.  This would ensure that the facilities are competitive and attractive to international oil and gas companies to set up their regional or operation headquarters in Malaysia. MPRC also collaborates and promotes partnerships and joint ventures between local companies with global MNCs, research institutions and academia. This will encourage greater involvement in research and development activities, technology transfer and talent training and development. Ultimately, Malaysian companies will be able to contribute substantially to the oil and gas value chain.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a dynamic and progressive oil and gas services industry in Malaysia where companies can compete and grow in this exciting business. We endeavour to promote more vitality in this industry via joint-ventures, collaboration, strategic partnerships and alliances. We believe in enhancing and strengthening our oil and gas human capital to become a global demand. We anticipate a close cooperation between industry, government and society so that the oil and gas industry in Malaysia anchors the future prosperity of the country. Our work reflects our high level of integrity, commitment and professionalism and earning the trust of those with, and for whom, we work.

Our Core Values

In establishing a common culture in the organisation, MPRC embraces these Core Values that guide the decisions and behaviour among the employees.


Mutual benefit for all parties.

We will generate win-win solutions for our stakeholders that will be sources of national competitiveness and sustainable growth.


Be true to yourself and honest with others.

We create an environment of trust by saying what we mean and meaning what we say. We are unyielding in our ethics and we take responsibility for our actions.


Every task is an opportunity to add value.

We embrace every task as an opportunity to improve. We invest in the professional growth of our people. We are relentlessly focused on creating value when delivering on our mandate as nation builders.


Respect for others will empower us to shape the future.

We keep an open mind to a diversity of ideas, regardless of origin. We accept the possibility that there are better ideas than ours. We are respectful of others and their views, mindful that we are here to serve.