Bumiputera Equity Financing Facility (EquiBumi)

  • To increase Bumiputera equity ownership of credible Bumiputera Companies to take over listed companies or companies which have potential to be listed on Bursa Malaysia
Financing type
Financing rate
  • As low as Base Financing Rate (BFR) + 0.0% per annum
Financing tenure
  • Up to 15 years
Financing amount (max)
  • Up to 100% of the equities purchase price
Purpose of Financing
Eligibility criteria
  • Company registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia, categorized as SMEs.
  • The company must be financially viable and fulfilled the criteria set by SME Bank.
  • Fulfilled other eligibility criteria set by SME Bank
Application procedure
  • Applicants can submit complete financing application directly to SME Bank through their branch networks nationwide. For further enquiries & free consultation or details on EquiBumi programme, please contact the Bank’s Customer Service Centre at 03 2603 7700 or visit www.smebank.com.my