Supply Assistance Scheme (i-SPLASH)

  • i-SPLASH is a special contract financing scheme to finance short term direct supply contract (with no value added process involved). It is a financing package that requires no collateral
  • It offers working capital financing and bank guarantee to support contractors to perform and deliver the project within the stipulated contract period

To finance direct supply contracts awarded by the Federal Government, State Governments, Government Agencies, Government Linked Companies (GLCs) and its subsidiaries

Financing type
Financing rate

Up to 1.5% per month

Financing tenure

Up to 180 days

Financing amount (max)

RM1 million

Purpose of Financing
Working Capital
Eligibility criteria
  • Good credit records and within the National definition of SME as defined by Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Obtained direct supply contract of finished product (without value added process) including goods and equipment such as food, clothing, vehicle, machinery & equipment (including installation, commissioning, testing and training) and office equipment
  • The awarded contract is from the Federal Government, State Government, Government Agencies, GLCs and its subsidiaries
  • Short term contract of not more than 12 months
  • Fulfilled other eligibility criteria set by SME Bank
Application procedure

Applicants can submit complete financing application directly to SME Bank through their branch networks nationwide. For further enquiries & free consultation or details on i-SPLASH program, please contact Customer Service Centre via the toll free number 1 800 88 3131 or visit

For further information

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